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About EU100Tb

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  • We have proudly served 1490+ clients globally, including 649 in Europe and 300 in India till 2014

  • Extremely Fast Server Setup
  • Exceptional price for performance
  • Scale the contract according to need

About EU100TB

EU100TB is not just another dedicated hosting company - we are THE DEDICATED HOSTING CO., whose services are framed around the business models of its clients. From our inception in 2011, we had only one motive - to give a new meaning to the word "Customer Service." It is our innate belief that success comes only through satisfied customers. This is the fuel that keeps us up and running around the clock, throughout the year.

We measure a second wasted as a second too less towards the milestones of our business. Even though we have our roots in India, we offer enterprise level hosting solutions to business´┐Ż small and BIG and cover everything that lies in between. Though we offer all kinds of hosting solutions, our specialty lies in 100TB servers from Europe.

Our services are backed by the excellent support from our Level-10 Support, who is trained to serve only satisfaction as a solution to the customers. As you continue to read, they are continually serving our huge client base ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual freelancers.

We make best efforts to understand and analyze the requirements of our client's business and deliver a service that will specifically work in the best interest of their motives. After three years of unstoppable growth and expansion, our services have reached a milestone where our 100TB dedicated servers are regarded as the most affordable and resilient services on this planet.

Clients Review about EU100TB

    • Review

      "Online businesses are flourishing, so I thought to give it a try and bring my brick and mortar shop to the online world. The biggest hurdle, I was thinking about is which web hosting company to choose and lack of technical knowledge didn't help me either. Then one day, a friend told me about "EU100TB.". I was skeptical about their services and I am glad that I didn't stop there. Now, EU100TB is hosting my site with full uptime and excellent customer support. I wish I decided much faster in choosing them. Highly recommended!" - Perela Guitterrez

    • Review

      I am a seasonal web entrepreneur and have been successful at it for the past few years. But, my greatest struggle was to choose a hosting company that can take care of all my online hosting needs. While searching online, I stumbled upon EU100TB and boy they looked promising on the first glance! They offer affordable rates and finally I decided to go with them and now I am a happy customer writing a review for them. They keep my business alive and kicking on their Germany server coupled with great customer support team always ready to solve my issues.
      - Iqbal Latif

    • Review

      I hate errors, but EU100TB made me love them. Strange isn't? The customer team of EU100TB is blessed with all the technical knowledge that they can easily solve any issues within minutes and I am witnessing the same trend for the last 2 years. Recently, I was stuck with mod_security issues and the site keep getting down from time to time. I contacted the customer rep and to my surprise the site went online in just few minutes. To add to this wonderful experience, I never had the same problem again. Sometimes, I wonder if they are server ninjas or just customer representative with excellent technical and communication skills. I highly recommend EU100TB to anyone who is looking for excellent hosting and after-sale customer service.
      - Ramires Bosingwa

    • Review

      Where EU100TB have been all these days? Recently, I had a bad experience with my local hosting company. They just failed to live up to my expectation. My local hosting company keeps failing me and I finally decided to move on. With EU100TB, almost all my issues like speed optimization, DNS, file managing, etc. are solved automatically. Advanced plugin issues need some developer care but to my surprise, when I contacted them about the issue, they decided to fix it with patience and utmost care. After, two long hours of work, the plugin worked perfectly! There are many occasions that the technical team behind the scene surprised me with their competent behavior. With their help, I am able to successfully run my business online and now can resolve most of the site issues alone. This is all because of their excellent support and knowledge base in the form of tutorials available on their site.
      - Persephone Capri

    • Review

      I was scared with all these hosting companies which I keep hearing from my friends and colleagues. That's why I deliberately delayed many of my projects in search of the "perfect" one. I am happy that I have finally found EU100TB. EU100TB made me feel special in many ways. They helped me to install my WordPress site and then they activated SSL. Later on, I was finding it difficult to activate Jetpack WordPress plugin as it was giving some creepy SSL certificate fail error. I contacted them and they resolved the issue in half and hour! That's impressive for such a big problem. There are so many instances that I want to write on, but this will make the review a long essay ;). God bless EU100TB! - Marcel Quinodoz

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