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EU100TB Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

EU100TB accommodates its 100TB dedicated servers with an extended Service Level Agreement (SLA) can provide instill calmness within you when it comes handling critical operations of your business.

It is obvious that there are times when your IT hosting solution needs additional technical support. In order to do so comfortably and affordably, you can enroll for our one of the different SLAs, which are designed to upkeep optimal hosting performance. By doing so, you enjoy economical rates for high-volume packages, faster response times, 24x7x365 technical support, priority assistance for troubleshooting, and discounts on advanced support.

We believe that it is customer satisfaction that drives our success and survival on the tough road of today's competition.

  • Best Effort SLA

    Under this agreement, we have made provisions to provide you with free replacement of failed hardware at no extra cost along with spares and labor to ensure your server is brought back in to its original set up. In addition, you will also get OS support along with root access confirming you receive root password reset, reinstalling OS of your choice, boot loader repairing and correcting stack issues in network for restoring connectivity without charging a dime.

    However, any support you require other than this will be charged for quarter of an hour considering the total time required to resolve the issue with different rate provisions for day and night time.

  • Enhanced SLA

    For commercial support, which you might require at any time of the day, week, month, year at night or day with response time of maximum 30 minutes then SLA with monthly fee will surely benefit you.
    Along with this SLA, we guarantee you hardware and OS support with added priority. Different pricing structure in this agreement will help you choose the best option available in technical support.

    We make sure that any mission critical support you need is fairly achieved in this agreement at no extra cost other than original pack. We have made provisions with an ICP ping at regular intervals that will automatically SMS or email you if any anomaly in server occurs due to any reasons. You can choose this round the clock monitoring of your servers to access the technical support at any time to find out the cause of malfunction and fix it.

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