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Europe Data Centers

EvoSwitch in Amsterdam and Telehouse in Frankfurt,

Dedicated Server and Bare Metal Servers

Datacenter Locations

World Wide Data-Center Locations

Datacenters Location
  • J.W. Lucasweg 35, Haarlem 2031 BE,The Netherlands

  • Kleyerstr. 79-89 Frankfurt am Main 60326 Germany

EU100TB Data Center Location

We have two leased and completely furnished and up-to-date datacenter facilities in Harlem, Netherlands and Frankfurt Germany.
The EU100TB network is designed to meet the dynamic demands of the clients by providing supreme quality of network performance. The datacenters are redundancy-centric thereby allowing the network to auto-heal failures without any physical presence of technical staffs. In the case of power issues, there is no interruption in connectivity as the entire framework is placed on a redundant e-system that is checked at regular intervals.

Being Multiple Tier-1 providers, we have set up our 100TB dedicated servers running on 1Gbit port comfortably in Netherlands and Germany datacenters backed by 100% redundant Cisco network, ECIX, DECIX, AMS-IX peering, and 3 Upstreams namely, TeliaSonera, Level(3), and NTT.

We take pride in showcasing our mainstream datacenter facilities that are armored with nothing but the latest and the best equipment from key players in the industry like HP, Dell, Intel, Cisco and Juniper.

EU100TB prioritizes the provision of the best performance and Internet connectivity. We have chosen the best Tier-I bandwidth providers to keep our minimum latency and maximum uptime promise. We are directly connected with some of the leading names that get the world together like - Cogent, Global Crossing, Level3, Comcast and Verizon.

EvoSwitch Harlem, Netherlands

Being Multiple Tier-1 providers, we have set up our 100TB dedicated servers running on 1Gbit port comfortably in Netherlands and Germany datacenters backed by 100% redundant Cisco network, ECIX, DECIX, AMS-IX peering, and 3Upstreams namely, TeliaSonera, Level(3), and NTT.

Telehouse, Frankfurt, Germany

Is our second tier-3 data center that occupies around 67,000 square meters to be among the largest centers in Germany. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art power and cooling configurations, security systems, and maintenance facilities.

The facilities are well maintained and kept on a constant check to provide the clients with the top most quality levels - guaranteed. We ensure that all our equipment are checked and updated from time to time to provide unfair security standards (which other hosting services envy) and lowest latency along with maximum uptime of the servers (practically never down).

  • Indestructible Physical Security

    All our data centers are guarded by security-guards 24 x 7 and access into the data center facilities is strictly limited to Level-10 Staff. There are a number of security measures that we use to guard our facilities like, bio-metric access, electrical double lock doors, fingerprint scanners etc. The area is under total surveillance through motion-detector security cameras which are constantly monitored. We have complete control over the workflow at the datacenters, and there is always a group of six Level-10 Technicians on site so as to, drastically reduce the response time in case of a mishap or an urgent call.

  • Powerful Electrical Systems

    Our electrical systems are very powerful and have massive capacity for fault tolerance along with extreme flexibility for every need. All of our facilities are protected by UPS systems that feature redundant batteries that are checked periodically to ensure that they can be banked upon in dire times of emergency. The UPS also facilitates uninterrupted maintenance and hardware upgrades when needed.

    Each of our datacenter facilities has three emergency generators on complete standby that feature over 8 hours of non-stop runtime before they require a recharge. These generators are also checked periodically so as to make sure they are working and ready to run whenever required.

    In the event of an emergency, these generators do not have to be manually switched on - they are facilitated to power up automatically ensuring negligible downtime.

  • Comprehensive Environmental Controls

    All our datacenters are completely temperature controlled to maintain an optimum temperature levels for the working of the servers. The humidity levels of the datacenters are also regulated to prevent moisture accumulation on the hardware. Along with the temperature regulators, we have also installed a hypersensitive air filtration system which aggressively removes dust and foreign particles from inside the data center facilities and cycles the air supply within minutes.

  • Hardware and Software

    When it comes to hardware, we do not mind boasting about our top-notch equipment from the best brands, which ensures extreme levels of security and highest uptime. We have been able to build a steady partnership with all the mainstream brands like HP, Dell, Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft and Intel.

    This enables us to provide 100TB servers that are made to withstand the most strenuous demands continuously at affordable prices. As all businesses have different role models and different requirements, no two businesses may need the same set of hardware and software. Due to our partnership with most of the big names, we are able to provide customized hosting solutions that are tailor-built to the requirements and budget of a business. Apart from these, the hardware and software are easily upgradable without any significant downtimes to ensure complete flexibility that lets the businesses grow without any interruption.

    We have already developed some pre-set servers, which are the utmost in demand at the moment. These configurations are built keeping the growth aspect, resource demands and budget of present businesses in mind. We offer Dual core - Octa Core processors with metered and unmetered bandwidth along with a choice of port selection ranging from 100MBps, 1GBps and 10 GBps and 4-128 GB of RAM. If you are not satisfied with our preset server configurations, you can always get in touch with our customer support, and they will help you build a custom server that will best suit your requirements.

  • The EU100TB Guarantee

    To sum it up, you get the guarantee of extreme security, flexibility and technical support with all our Netherlands and Germany dedicated servers. Along with this, our up-to-date and mainstream infrastructure is able to meet the most dynamic and challenging demands of today's businesses. Enjoy custom configurations ranging from single servers to a pile of servers that are capable of living up to the most demanding expectations with ease.

    In case you face any difficulties during your stay at the EU100TB, our Level-10 Support is just a call or an email away, always ready to help you, whenever you need. All this and more await you beyond the EU100TB door, step into the world of imbalanced dedicated server hosting.

    Key Features:

    • 1 Fully redundant HA network architecture with no single points of failure
    • 2 Fail-over routing & extra capacity at core and edge routers
    • 3 Multiple concurrent, high-capacity Tier 1 bandwidth providers
    • 4 Industry-leading network bandwidth capacity Over 40 Core IP POPscapable of delivering multiple-10GbE service, in 24 major metropolitan markets
    • 5 More than 2 Terabits/sec of active IP interconnection capacity with other networks
    • 6 100 Gigabits/sec of transatlantic capacity, via 7 diversely routed submarine cable systems
    • 7 Over 500 Gigabits/sec of diversely routed inter-city long-haul backbone capacity.
    • 8 Availability of DDoS mitigation
    • 9 Network hardware from Cisco, Juniper, Foundry

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