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  • J.W. Lucasweg 35, Haarlem 2031 BE,The Netherlands

  • Kleyerstr. 79-89 Frankfurt am Main 60326 Germany

About EU100Tb Network

At EU100TB we provide our clients with a choice of two network solutions namely, the Public and Private networks. Our public network enables connectivity to the Internet while the Private Network, which is also known as Internal Network is mainly for internal communications between devices in our datacenter facilities.

At EU100TB, networking is not just considered from its speed perspective; we also take great care in making our network secure and reliable for our customers. Especially for high end business operations that are centered our 100TB servers, it is crucial to safeguard the network to prevent any unwanted situations from derailing the core objectives.

Our one and only aim is to spread wings over the globe such that it shadows the entire world with the supreme reliability and top-notch performance of 100TB servers. We attempt to give our clients the privilege of uninterrupted hosting regardless of their choices in hardware and bandwidth.

Our Public Network

The EU100TB strategically laid Cisco and Juniper Public Network has the capacity to surpass massive chunks of Gigabytes between different network layers. The infrastructure is so scaled that it is extremely flexible and absorbing to the most demanding of situations that come its way. We are proud to say that we have had 0 network downtimes in the last 2 years and the first year, we had a minor problems that ever startup faces while building a platform.

Our Private Network

With our Private Network at bay, our clients get the option of accessing their servers offline through a secured SSL-VPN. This kind of setup is priceless for administration and management without taxing on any public network resources. In conjunction with the offline administration capabilities this network also offers supreme interconnectivity between the devices in our datacenters.

Fast, FASTER, FASSSTEST Transit and Peering Services

Welcome to the world of imbalanced and superfast, fast, faster, fassstest connectivity through the EU100TB proprietary peering links that have a capacity. These high speed links will enable you to enjoy extra traffic to specific networks that are usually available as third party connections in our network spectrum.

It times of emergency or unnatural occurrence in the peering connections, we make sure that the all the traffic is diverted to your servers via a paid transit connection over our Tier-1 Trans network. This service can be availed by selecting the right package for our networking options.

Once you select EU100TD dedicated servers, extreme performance, comprehensive network security and connectivity and unmirrored redundancy irrespective of time and location will forever be on your side. As our aim is to reach out and keep expanding, we continue to offer high bandwidth choices, Tier-I transit systems with the choice of peering and transit networks on both public and private networking levels along with countless physical connections, port aggregation and hardware units that are backed by the guarantee of supreme brands like Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel and Juniper.

Our Branded Routing Equipment

We provide managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting services from both our data centers at Netherlands and Germany. When it comes to selecting dedicated hosting equipment, we settle for nothing but the leading names in the industry like Cisco and Juniper.

Our network framework is set on the Cisco CRS-3 and Juniper MX-960 3D routers, which lays out the hierarchy. These routers are strategically installed to give the utmost flexibility and performance.

Apart from the flexibility and performance that these branded routers offer they also interconnect our datacenters across the globe to facilitate faster access times and no delay at any point. To sum it up, all our servers are connected to superfast public and private ports on these routers to make your EU100TB experience, legendary.

Assorted SLA For Our Network

Our competitors are afraid of dedicated hosting comparisons when they are faced against our services. We have our unique ways of offering our services to our clients through our extended Level-10 Support. As all clients are different and their businesses have different models, so do they need a highly customizable SLA to keep up with their dynamic requirements. This is what we offer them with a smiling face.

With the selection of our Tier-I transit system, you are guaranteed minimum latency and maximum performance and connectivity possible. Therefore, EU100TB is the name you can bank upon when it comes to choosing dedicated servers for your most expensive Enterprise Level business requirements.

  • Our 100Tb Dedicated Servers Network Feature

    Although there are all arrangements for offering you a robust and foolproof network, we cannot deny that there will be no problem at all. Therefore, we believe in proactive approach due to which we have set up a support team that works 24x7x365.

    • 1 99.999% Core Uptime
    • 2 Biometric authorization
    • 3 Juniper and Cisco network equipment
    • 4 Dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
    • 5 Multiple peering links along with 10GigE transit system
    • 6 Security measures such as firewalls, antivirus
    • 7 Adequate hardware stock for quick replacement or repair
    • 8 Maintenance at regular intervals with prior notifications via e-mails

    We take pride in revealing that all our dedicated packages and service are economical. What's even more on your comfort side is the facility of consulting our technical staff to help you chose the ideal network available as per your IT needs and budget. That said; there is no chance for you to go wrong with our service.

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