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100tb server hosting
  • Intel Dual Core G850
    8GB RAM 4x 500Gb HDD
    100TB Bandwidth
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Germany 100TB Dedicated Servers

If you are looking for a 100TB dedicated server in Germany, then EU100TB is the best option for you. Due to our unmatched connectivity, network and hardware peripherals we are able to furnish our customers with completely unmetered data transfer capacity with imbalanced performance, guaranteed. Take a look at our excellent services in the tables below. In case, you are looking for a custom solution, you can contact our customer care and they will help you setup a server according to the requirements for your business.

High Impact and Powerful Germany Dedicated Servers

Our Germany 100TB Dedicated server is capable of running complex scripts and therefore it is a remarkable option for large enterprises which have extensive resource and network demands. If you are the owner of a privately held organization, then this server will give you the unmatched scalability that your business needs for its growth requirements.

There are a range of server hosting options to choose from, be it 100TB Managed, Unmanaged or Colocation Servers - If you are confused about what servers will best fit your role model, you can get a custom server developed for your specialized needs.

Our Germany 100TB dedicated Servers are put at our extremely up-to-date and powerful datacenter in Frankfurt. These servers are facilitated by round the clock Level-10 Support (which is EU100TB's specialty). With these powerful and high-impact servers, you can install any kind of applications or perform a set of complicated and resource intensive operations without worrying about any adverse effects on your server.

100TB Dedicated Servers That Stand Out Of the Crowd

At EU100TB, we give utmost importance to customer service so we keep a constant watch on the performance of our dedicated servers. We quickly replace hardware that is not performing according to a set level. All our servers are built to out-perform without creating any hassle for our customers. We also provide 100TB Netherlands Dedicated Servers.

What really sets EU100TB apart in this business is that we always maintain and upgrade our hardware to the latest versions from time to time. Along with this, we only select hosting equipment from the leading brands in the industry like, Dell, Intel, HP, Cisco and Juniper.

We are proud to say that our Germany 100TB Servers is our tool to success, as it has never failed our 99.999% network uptime guarantee which is the most important criteria for any online business.


Model: DE 100TB - G850

Processor Intel Pentium G850 (3M Cache, 2.90 GHz)
  • € 59 € 49 Monthly
  • € 159 € 207 Quarterly
  • € 294 € 414 Semi-Annually
  • € 468 € 828 Annually
HDD 4x 500GB SATA2 4x 1Tb STAT2
Bandwidth 100TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1

Model: DE 100TB - E3 1230

Processor Intel Xeon E3-1230 (8M Cache, 3.30 GHz)
  • € 79 € 69 Monthly
  • € 237 € 207 Quarterly
  • € 474 € 414 Semi-Annually
  • € 948 € 828 Annually
HDD 4x 1 TB SATA2 4x 2Tb STAT2
Bandwidth 100TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1

Model: DE 100TB - 2x Intel E5620

Processor Dual Intel Xeon E5620 (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI)
  • € 99 Monthly
  • € 297 Quarterly
  • € 594 Semi-Annually
  • € 1188 Annually
HDD 4x 1Tb STAT2
Bandwidth 100TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1

EU100TB Assures Lowest Latency Along With Unmirrored Connectivity

EU100Tb provides its clients with maximum bandwidth along with minimum latency and unmatched connectivity. To make sure you receive the same, we have armed all our datacenters with a powerful N+2 Redundant Framework, which is ready to hit the accelerator in the times of emergency. We take pride in showcasing our connections to the top most Internet Connections in the world that aid us in offering the best data transfer tariffs at lowest latency to our customers. Our routing equipment are taken from the leading players in the Industry like Cisco and Juniper and we offer the best 100TB Dedicated Servers in Netherlands and Germany.


100tb server in germany

All servers at EU100TB are built for maximum performance and we ensure that they provide a fret-free service to our clients. The 100TB Germany Servers mainly comprise of Dual Core, Quad Core and Xeon Processors. One attribute that combines all these features together is that they are manufactured by Intel. And like we may have mentioned before as well - when it comes to choosing hosting and routing equipment for our servers, the only names we trust are Cisco, HP, Dell and Juniper.

We understand that every business is different and has various requirements and there cannot be a single strategy fits all approach to this. This is the reason we provide custom tailored dedicated servers according to different requirement of your business. Get in touch with our Customer Care to know more.

Why is 100Tb Dedicated Server Becoming Increasingly Important?

The first and foremost reason would be to keep pace with the dynamic and ever increasing demands of the Industry. With the passage of time, as the World Wide Web incessantly grows, so does the traffic. 100TB Dedicated Servers are able to cope up with the most extensive demands, be it in the form of Bandwidth, Speed or anything remotely related to Hosting Your Company online.

Present day, it is vital to gear up your online presence with the best tools in the trade and augment elements like multimedia, videos and images. With the augmentation of such resources the space requirement is bound to increase. Thus to cover this demand, you need a powerful server which can take on extensive pressure and adapt to the seasonal changes in traffic on auto-pilot. If your website is unable to perform due to a bad choice of servers, then you will not only lose out on potential opportunities today, but it will hamper the growth of your business in the long run.

EU100TB - Because We Are One of the Best in This Industry

We have been providing uninterrupted hosting to our clients since the time of our inception. Except for a few minor downtimes which were caused due to some technical reasons in the past, that every growing company faces some time or the other, we have been able to keep up to our 99.9999% network uptime promise for the last three years.

At EU100TB, we believe in offering speedy assistance to our clients as we value their time. Our Level-10 Support is forever by your side and is ready to help you whenever you need. You can get assistance by raising a support ticket, or you can reach out to us through our Phone or Email - 24x7x365 days of the year.

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