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  • Intel Dual Core G850
    8GB RAM 4x 500Gb HDD
    100TB Bandwidth
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Netherlands 100TB Dedicated Servers

The benefits of 100TB Netherlands Dedicated servers are uncountable. The first relief that you will get is a massive bandwidth which "self-assures" that you are never going to run into sticky network situations or network congestions. Along with this all issues related to loading time can easily be said "Good-bye" through these high-end servers. Hence, if you run a large corporate website, or a website which extensively taxes on network resources and makes good use of whatever, that is thrown at it, then our 100TB Netherland Dedicated servers are your best solution. Our servers have the unbeatable speed of 1Gbps coupled with 100TB bandwidth.

Opting for 100TB Super-Fast Dedicated Servers

With EU100TB dedicated servers, you not only get the best reliability along with unmirrored SLA and Level-10 Support, but you also get 'Scalability' with all our hosting solutions. We understand the dynamic requirements of the industry and know for a fact that no company can keep running the same plan for a long period of time - they always need to scale the services according to the growing size of their business. This is what you exactly get with our 100TB servers as well.

Our 100TB servers offer the liberty of pay-as-you-use and pay-when-you-use. This gives all business the complete control over the funds as there are no long term contracts. If you are transitioning into our 100TB servers from lower servers, this is the best business decision you might be making - and you will feel proud about it, in the days to come.

Our clients love our 100TB Netherlands Dedicated Servers which simply cut down on the cost of extensive business operations by allowing huge chunks of data to be distributed across the network at super-fast speed.

What Our 100TB Dedicated Servers Are Made Of

At EU100TB, we understand the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of our customers. Every business is different, every purpose is solitary and every client needs a service that is tailored according to requirements. This is the primary reason why we put full emphasis on the make of our 100TB dedicated servers. Everything from hosting equipment to other hardware is chosen carefully to provide nothing but the best to our esteemed clients.

As we build our servers around the needs of our customers, each and every 100TB server is constructed for maximum performance and out Level 10 Support strives to provide uninterrupted services all throughout the year. Our 100TB Netherlands Servers offer a variety of processors ranging from Dual Core, Quad Core and Xeon Processors from Intel. All our other hosting equipment and hardware are picked from the leading names in the Industry like Dell, HP, Cisco and Juniper.

Model: NL 100TB - G850

Processor Intel Pentium G850 (3M Cache, 2.90 GHz)
  • € 59.00 Monthly
  • € 177.00 Quarterly
  • € 330.00 Semi-Annually
  • € 588.00 Annually
HDD 4x 500GB SATA2
Bandwidth 100TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1

Model: NL 100TB - E3 1230

Processor Intel Xeon E3-1230 (8M Cache, 3.30 GHz)
  • € 79.00 Monthly
  • € 237.00 Quarterly
  • € 450.00 Semi-Annually
  • € 828.00 Annually
HDD 4x 500 GB SATA2
Bandwidth 100TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1

Model: NL 100Tb - 2x E5620

Processor Dual Intel, Xeon E5620 (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI)
  • € 99.00 Monthly
  • € 297.00 Quarterly
  • € 570.00 Semi-Annually
  • € 1068.00 Annually
Bandwidth 100TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1

EU100TB Assures Lowest Latency Along With Unmirrored Connectivity

EU100Tb provides its clients with maximum bandwidth along with minimum latency and unmatched connectivity. To make sure you receive the same, we have armed all our datacenters with a powerful N+2 Redundant Framework, which is ready to hit the accelerator in the times of emergency. We take pride in showcasing our connections to the top most Internet Connections in the world that aid us in offering the best data transfer tariffs at lowest latency to our customers. Our routing equipment are taken from the leading players in the Industry like Cisco and Juniper and we offer the best 100TB Dedicated Servers in Netherlands and Germany.

The Increasing Importance of 100TB Dedicated Servers

The main reason that comes to our mind when we talk about the importance of 100TB Dedicated Servers is its extreme flexibility and potential. As a webmaster you must already be aware of the reach of the Internet and how it is rapidly expanding. With such speedy expansion and the amount of people who access the web regularly there arises a need for every growing business to have a stable platform that enables a smooth run and easy growth capacity. 100TB Servers serve as the best platform for such companies.

Knowing the advantages of multimedia in online presence it can be stated that any business that is not delivering its customer base with relative multimedia like images, audio, video, presentations, graphics etc is simply doing it wrong. With 100Tb Dedicated Servers, the augmentation of such resources on your website becomes a piece of cake.

Our 100TB Servers are able to easily scale themselves according to the dynamic and seasonal requirement of your niche. Imagine hosting a business website online, but your server is unable to handle a burst of traffic that visits your website resulting in a downtime. This downtime not only means the loss of time and resources, but it also means a loss of opportunity for all those targeted visitors who could become your customer. With 100TB Dedicated Servers, you can just set and forget your websites administration, no worrying about any server side issues - just concentrate on your business and our servers will keep all their focus on your website.

Every Satisfied Customer Is a Medal for EU100TB

At EU100TB, we value every second of our customers time. We treat every second wasted as a second too less towards the advancement of your business. This is the reason we hard-train our Level 10 Support to give you the best customer experience imaginable. We proudly boast of being one of the best dedicated hosting providers in the industry. If you face any issues during your visit to, please feel free to raise a ticket or you can even reach us by Phone or Email all throughout the year.

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