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Datacenter Locations

World Wide Data-Center Locations

Datacenters Location
  • J.W. Lucasweg 35, Haarlem 2031 BE,The Netherlands

  • Kleyerstr. 79-89 Frankfurt am Main 60326 Germany

Netherlands Dedicated Servers, 1Gbps & 10Gbps Port

Our Netherlands Dedicated Hosting solution are placed in ISO 9001 certified datacenter - Evoswitch in Haarlem, Netherlands.

EvoSwitch is a TIER III+ and highly secure data center with excellent connections and a spacious data floor area of more than 9,000 square meters with available autonomous A+B power supplies, dual generator sets, and backup battery UPS to provide assured continuous power delivery to our customers.

Our Netherlands Servers have access to state-of-the-art networks in the world powered by 44 points of presence and 27 Internet Exchanges across the globe. Our network have massive bandwidth capacity with blazing speed and unsurpassed connectivity for your workloads. We maintain core uptime of 99.95% and a bandwidth capacity of 5.5 Tbps.

Hence, if you run a mission-critical applications, Game Server, VPN Server or Streaming Server which extensively taxes on network resources , then our High Bandwidth Netherlands 100TB Servers are your best solution.

With EU100TB Dedicated Servers, you not only get the best reliability along with unmirrored SLA and Level-10 Support, but you also get 'Scalability' with all our hosting solutions.

Our Netherlands Server Hosting Are Made Of

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Level-10 Support Assistance

  • 99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee

  • Premium Servers and Bandwidth

  • Datacenters in Multiple Locations

  • 1Gbps and 10Gbps Dedicated Ports

  • Number of Seasonal Freebies

We understand the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of our customers. Every business is different, every purpose is solitary and every client needs a service that is tailored according to requirements. This is the primary reason why we put full emphasis on the make of our dedicated servers. Everything from hosting equipment to other hardware is chosen carefully to provide nothing but the best to our esteemed clients.

As we build our servers around the needs of our customers, each and every server is constructed for maximum performance and out Level 10 Support strives to provide uninterrupted services all throughout the year. Our 100TB Dedicated Server in Netherlands offer a variety of processors ranging from Dual Core, Quad Core and Xeon Processors from Intel. All our other hosting equipment and hardware are picked from the leading names in the Industry like Dell, HP, Cisco and Juniper.

Cheap Netherlands Server

Model: NL 100TB G850 8GB

Processor Intel Dual Core G850 (3M Cache, 2.90 GHz)
  • € 59.00 Monthly
  • € 177.00 Quarterly
  • € 330.00 Semi-Annually
  • € 588.00 Annually
Bandwidth 100TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1
Cheap Netherlands Server

Model: NL 100TB - E3 1230 32Gb

Processor Intel Xeon E3-1230 (8M Cache, 3.30 GHz)
  • € 89.00 Monthly
  • € 255.00 Quarterly
  • € 474.00 Semi-Annually
  • € 900.00 Annually
Bandwidth 100 TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1
Cheap Netherlands Server

Model: NL 100TB E5620 32Gb

Processor Dual, Intel Xeon E5620 (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz)
  • € 139.00 Monthly
  • € 417.00 Quarterly
  • € 810.00 Semi-Annually
  • € 1548.00 Annually
HDD 2x 480 GB SSD
Bandwidth 100TB on 1Gbps Dedicated Port
IP Address 1

EU100TB Assures Lowest Latency Along With 1Gbps and 10Gbps Connectivity

EU100Tb provides its clients with maximum bandwidth along with minimum latency and unmatched connectivity. To make sure you receive the same, we have armed all our datacenters with a powerful N+2 Redundant Framework, which is ready to hit the accelerator in the times of emergency. We take pride in showcasing our connections to the top most Internet Connections in the world that aid us in offering the best data transfer tariffs at lowest latency to our customers. Our routing equipment are taken from the leading players in the Industry like Cisco and Juniper

What's included in High Bandwidth, 100TB Netherlands Server

  • 1G and 10G Uplink Ports

    With the Gigabit Uplink you can increase the connection of your server to 1Gbps / 10Gbps. This way your server connection does not become a bottleneck.

  • Remote Console

    With the Remote Console you always have access to your server like a normal PC, also during start-up. The Remote Console allows you to manage server from BISO level. This is useful if your operating system not booting or you want to install custom OS

  • Private Networking

    Set up a private network with servers. Thanks to Private VLAN, multiple dedicated servers can securely communicate with each other via a private networking.

  • Level-10 Support

    With the EU100TB Level-10 Support at your aid, we boast of 24x7 tech support and automatic administration of your servers to maximize the potential of your dedicated server plans.

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