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Managed Dedicated Servers

Offshore European Bare Metal Servers

EU100TB Offer No Pain Managed Solutions for Your Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

bare metal servers
  • Offshore European Bare Metal Servers

  • One business-day deployment
  • Exceptional price for performance

Managed Dedicated Servers

You may be an eCommerce Store Owner or a 24x7 News Portal or any business is the world. EU100TB caters to a large clientele ranging from top names in the l ist of Fortune 500 companies to seasoned individual bloggers. We have custom-tailored managed solutions for anything remotely relying on dedicated servers. We offer unmirrored response time and Level-10 support with all our dedicated servers. After you partner with us, the EU100TB team will become a natural extension of your business and equip you with the best Service Level Agreement for all your acute business requirements.

EU100TB Offer No Pain Managed Solutions for Your Dedicated Servers

Once you sign-up for the EU100TB Managed Solutions, our technicians will take care of all your dedicated hosting daily routine requirements. Be it deploying security measures and facilitating timely backup of your resources stored on our servers to resister recovery and 24x7 monitoring, you can take the back seat and relax while our staff takes care of all your regularly important activities.

The EU100TB staff will make sure that all your requirements are met in due time and that the normal routine of your servers is never interrupted so that your servers are forever ready for new challenges and your business is flourishing like always.

Managed Dedicated Servers

What's included in managed server

  • cPanel

    Managed server comes with cPanel license with base setup and support for core scripts. (best effort support for 3rd party scripts)

  • 24 x 7 Dynamic Monitoring

    We will proactively monitor your servers 24x7 to scan and quarantine all problems, even remotely associated with your servers before they can do any significant damage to your business.

  • Automatic Data Backups

    EU100TB schedules a pre-programmed and completely automated data backup plan, which is custom tailored to meet your business model.

  • Level-10 Support

    With the EU100TB Level-10 Support at your aid, we boast of 24x7 tech support and automatic administration of your servers to maximize the potential of your dedicated server plans.

Extra Options

Following upgrades available on request. Contact us with your requirement.

DDoS Protection

EU100TB services help alleviate the DDOS attacks of any form or size, ensuring minimal downtime for your network. Our advanced DDoS protection is brought to you as a service at the gates of your network, that safeguards your privacy and data at all times.


EU100TB Loadbalancing services take full responsibility for evenly distributing the incoming traffic to your servers to various servers that are hosting the same applications. This ensures that no one server shall witness a heavy load of traffic while the other servers are unused and free to be occupied. Loadbalancing not only helps in allocating the network resources evenly across the network by automatically diverting traffic to other free servers if the main server is witness to extensive traffic, but it also helps in balancing the network at all times which ensures maximum uptime for your business.

Firewall Protection

A firewall is used to filter outgoing and incoming packets to a server. It forms the powerful barrier between the outside world and your server so that all information that goes in and out of your servers is safeguarded from potentially harmful and unlawful networks.

The upgrades definitely come at an additional cost, but are worth every penny for businesses which require extreme levels of protection.

Why Choose Us?

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  • 24 x 7 x 365 Level-10 Support Assistance

  • 99.9999% Network Uptime Guarantee

  • Premium Servers and Bandwidth

  • Datacenters in Multiple Locations

  • 100 MBps and 1GBps Unmetered Bandwidth

  • Number of Seasonal Freebies

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