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Best High bandwidth dedicated server provider

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Datacenter Locations

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Datacenters Location
  • J.W. Lucasweg 35, Haarlem 2031 BE,The Netherlands

  • Kleyerstr. 79-89 Frankfurt am Main 60326 Germany

Why EU100Tb is Best dedicated server provider

EU100TB runs sophisticated and up-to-date networks in Netherlands and Germany, which make use of the latest and branded hosting equipment from Cisco and Juniper. Apart from all the standard hosting services that every other 100TB company offers, we make our presence felt through our Level-10 Support, which provides unmirrored service to all our clients in Europe, India and all around the world.

Ever since our inception in 2011, we have not only been able to retain more than 700+ clients but we have made some truly unbreakable relationships with our clients who became a part of this beautiful journey.

Affordability, premium bandwidth and super-fast connectivity are some of the chief morals of our company. Since our aim is to spread wings over the entire world such that the planet is over-shadowed by our powerful 100TB servers, we make sure that price and performance are two aspects where our clients never have to make a compromise.

It does not make a difference if you are new or returning customer. You will always receive the same premium bandwidth and affordability that we always have on offer. Along with this, our Level-10 Support is always a call away to help you with anything related to dedicated servers.

Key Points:

  • 1 Fast, reliable and extreme performance networks
  • 2 Two fully datacenters in Netherlands and Germany
  • 3 Fully managed, semi or unmanaged dedicated servers
  • 4 24 x 7 x 365 days Level 10 Support for all requirements
  • 5 Next generation server Panel to make administration easy
  • 6 Endless freebies and giveaways throughout the year

This is the essence of our dedicated hosting services.

Fast Technical Support 24x7

The EU100TB Level-10 Support is there by your side 365 days and 24 hours a day. Be it 4 A.M in the morning or a National Holiday, we are never off duty. We take immense pride in displaying our endless commitment towards our clients through our Level-10 Support.

Each Technician who joins the Level-10 force is carefully selected from an interview of 100s of men and trained from day 1 about all the critical aspects of customer service and dedicated hosting.

We are also the only dedicated hosting providers in the world who offer there levels of service to our clients. In any service however, you will always get a 15 minutes standard response to your tickets, which is completely covered, in our Service Level Agreement. Either you can reach us by email or phone or tickets and we will maintain all further communication in your mode of preference.

Due to the unmatched diligence and professionalism of our Level-10 Support, we are able to meet all our business milestones and make sure that every client, be it big or small is completely satisfied by our services. After you select a EU100TB server, the Level-10 Support team will become an extension of your business and will care about it just as you do.

Extremely Affordable Services - Zero Setup Fee

We believe in providing genuine hosting servers, which are built to withstand the most rigorous demands of our clients. Coupled with our powerful Level-10 Support, our service is extremely reasonably priced. We share a part of our profits with our customers by using steadfast and clever hosting techniques, which have never been incorporated before. Along with a range of hosting solutions that have purely materialized from the brains our technicians, we are able to provide our clients with authoritative and efficient dedicated hosting solutions.

No matter what you budget maybe, we will always come up with a custom and highly flexible solution for your needs that can be scaled up and down whenever the need be.

We also offer a set of unfair freebies from time to time, to keep our existing and new clients motivated and always benefiting from choosing our services. You can take a look at the freebies that we have on offer at the moment, in the Freebies section.

Bitcoin Dedicated Server - Cryptocurrency Accepted

To make the process of payment convenient, we have incorporated a range of options for our clients so that they can may payments with ease. We accept all cryptocurrency forms of money transfers and wire transfers along with Credit Cards, Skrill, Paypal, Bitcoin and Wire Transfer.

  • Two Datacenters to choose from

    Collaborating with EU100TB gives you the option to choose from two state-of-the-art datacenter facilities located in Netherlands and Germany. Both the data centers are fully furnished and armed with the premium label hosting equipment from key players in the industry like Dell, HP, Intel and Cisco. For more information on our Datacenters, visit our Datacenters page.

  • Power server Panel Enables Complete Automation

    Apart from the ability to custom-size your dedicated servers according to the requirements of your business, you get a fully functional and powerful serverPanel that lets you control and manage all the aspects of your server. All the services that come inclusive in the cPanel are under your control and you can make critical and timely decisions at your will. Through the cPanel, you can manage the server, you network and many other attributes.

  • Premium Label + Reliable Hardware and Network

    We love to boast of our EU100TB infrastructure, which is made from the best available range of premium label and reliable hardware from the top names in the IT industry like, Cisco, HP, Dell, Intel and Juniper. Because your framework is so strong and flexible, we are able to offer you unmated speed and connectivity, high uptime and maximum stability in the network. Our security strategies that you could read more about in our Datacenters page include some of the most advanced measures like Biometric Access, Finger Print Scanners and Motion Detection Cameras.

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